6 Ways to Bridge the Age Gap in Your Relationship

6 Ways to Bridge the Age Gap in Your Relationship

ccording to statistics, the average age difference between partners has been between two and six years for quite some time. But the latest trends indicate that men and women are now choosing to embark on relationships with partners that are 15-to-25 years older, or younger. (Love may be blind, but apparently, it no longer has an expiration date.) As such, May–December relationships are more common thanks, in some part, to society’s burgeoning acceptance of age gaps. 

Beyond the obvious pitfalls of marrying someone with a large difference in age (cultural references often go in vain, for example), age gaps have advantages, too, and many factors impact whether the union will last.

Husbands and wives usually have more in common and share similar belief systems when their age difference is just several years. But whenever a significant age gap exists, couples are more likely to have different life goals and perspectives, which may prove incompatible in the long term (although it’s not a given). Here, some ways to handle your relationship if there’s a significant age gap between you and your partner.

Share Expectations

Although this applies to any relationship, an awareness of your partner’s expectations is particularly important when you’re both far apart in age. An older man may want his younger partner to birth a child, for example, while the woman may be more focused on financial security. At the relationship’s outset, and during its course, honestly share and discuss your expectations to avoid miscommunication.

Accept Your Role As Caretaker

At some point, an aging spouse may need long-term health care and may no longer be able to do certain things that you both enjoy. Ask yourself whether, as the younger partner in the relationship, you’re prepared to be a caretaker, give up certain activities, face the possibility of living a celibate life, and take on extra household duties. Sure, you may not hesitate to say ‘yes’ now, but will that still be the case in 5, 10, or 20 years’ time?

Know That Maturity Is Relative 

You must view your partner as a full-grown adult, rather than a “progeny” to teach, shape, or mold. No one wants to be scolded or patronized for acting a certain way, or saying certain things—especially when you’re the one who’s older and making admonishments in the name of age-earned wisdom and experience. Likewise, if you’re the younger person, avoid referring to your partner as “boomer,” “old-timer,” or any other turn of phrase that implies their outlook is too traditional, or passé. Age alone isn’t the only barometer of maturity.

Identify Mutual Interests

Equalize the age gap by focusing on your mutual interests. Spend time doing things you both love, and your difference in age will seemingly melt away. Meeting each others’ friends, too (aka socializing with different generations), can be stimulating and empowering for both parties. Explore each others’ worlds by trying new things, meeting new people, and being more involved in each others’ lives.

Face Uncertainty

Whatever you do, don’t allow your age gap to become the elephant in the room. Instead, openly and honestly communicate concerns (age-related or otherwise) and work to find mutually acceptable solutions to issues that arise.

Respect The Relationship

If you two are fighting like cats and dogs, then chances are that age alone isn’t solely to blame. A strong emotional and physical connection is the most important part of any relationship regardless of age, gender, and cultural differences. Be confident in your decision to be in a relationship with someone much older or younger and understand that, like any other relationship, things can go smoothly or awry—and isn’t necessarily a byproduct of an age gap. As long as you have both have a deep bond and share mutual love and respect, age really is just a number.

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  1. In any relationship, regardless of age, there are problems. Many couples with a big age difference live happily. At any age, the main thing is trustful and honest relationship.

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