Natural Arthritis Treatments

Natural Arthritis Treatments

All-Natural Arthritis Treatment Alternatives

Dealing with the day-to-day pain and inflammation of arthritis can feel like an uphill struggle. To avoid the undesirable side effects of arthritis medications more patients are turning to alternative holistic medicine for relief. Find out the ways you can naturally treat your arthritis symptoms and enjoy the activities you love.

Turning to Natural Remedies

Modern medicine has much to thank Mother Nature for. Herbs and plants have been used for centuries to heal ailments and relieve pain and many people are now turning back to medicine’s roots to find help. Natural alternative arthritis remedies include using herbs and supplements to curtail inflammation and low-impact exercise programs to keep the body moving and strengthen muscles and joints. Since many prescription and even prolonged use of some over-the-counter medications can have negative impacts on the body natural alternatives are preferred for a drug-free and safer way to treat arthritis.

Get Your Vitamins and Minerals

Your parents probably told you to eat your vegetables and drink your milk for strong bones and muscles when you were a kid. While a well-rounded diet helps you get the right amount of nutrition for your body’s needs including a little extra in the form of supplements can help curtail arthritis symptoms. While there are several different minerals that line the shelves, some of the ones that help best with arthritis are:

  • Calcium for stronger bones
  • Magnesium for maintaining nerve and muscle functions
  • Fish oil to provide omega-3 essential fatty acids to help reduce inflammation

Best Herbs for Arthritis Sufferers

You can supplement your arthritis treatment program with the use of herbal supplements as well. Many herbs have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties and they are quite easy to add into your routine. Turmeric can be added to meals while drinking green tea has been shown to battle pain as well as a whole host of other health benefits. Herbal supplements can also be found in capsule form as well as tinctures and tablets.

Alternative Exercises and Therapies

Engaging in some light exercise helps keep your body moving while. Yoga and Tai Chi are popular exercises for arthritis patients that don’t involve a lot of movement and provide pain relief through movements. Before beginning any new exercise program check with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to do. Others have found relief in the forms of acupuncture or regular massages. Both should provide an enjoyable experience while working to circumvent pain but they should not be intended to replace your doctor’s recommendations.

Dietary Changes

Although adding herbal and vitamin supplements complement your arthritis treatment you should strive to get the right amount of nutrition from the foods you eat. Some foods can cause inflammation and increase symptoms while others can help reduce it. Weight can also play a role in dealing with arthritis and your doctor may even recommend a diet for weight loss. Taking certain medications may also inhibit the absorption of some nutrients. Processed sugar can lead to increased inflammation if you enjoy a lot of sweets. You should also be careful to drink alcohol in moderation and check your medications to prevent against any adverse side effects that may come with mixing the two.

Finding arthritis treatment alternatives that are naturally safe is possible with a bit of knowledge beforehand. Some of these simple changes can pave the way for better results in dealing with arthritis. Always check with your doctor if considering a new treatment option to make sure it’s the right choice for your health.

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