Eating Organic

Eating Organic

Why Eat Organic Foods?

As Americans become more and more health conscious, the rise in the sale and production of organic foods has been staggering. Concerns about the potential environmental and health risks associated with conventional foods has more people than ever eating organic food. But what does the word organic mean and how is eating organic food possibly beneficial to your health? Read on to find out.

Why Eat Organic?

The term organic means that the item is free of chemical pesticides and has followed a strict standard in the production of the food. Many people have switched to organic fruits, vegetables, and even dog food! Typically a person can tell if an item is organic by looking for a green USDA organic symbol on the packaging. If the symbol is present, the item meets the standards set by the federal government to be considered organic.

Benefits of Eating Organic

The main reason people choose to switch to organic foods is to prevent the intake of harmful chemicals or additives that are often present in conventional foods. Additionally, organic foods have not been genetically modified, meaning they are from a natural source without any extra ingredients. Many studies have shown that eating organic helps you lose weight, due to the newfound consciousness of reading labels and making informed purchases.

How to Start Eating Organic

Beginning to incorporate organic foods into your everyday diet is not as hard as you may think. Most grocery stores now have a natural and organic section, while others may offer organic products right next to conventional versions (this is especially true in the produce aisle). Begin looking carefully at the labels of different food items and make sure they have the USDA organic symbol. Some products may have the words natural or organic on the package but it may not mean they actually met government standards.

Eating Organic on a Budget

There is a common misconception that eating organic foods is too costly to justify the potential benefits. However, it is actually quite easy to incorporate organic items into your diet – even if money is tight. One good way to save money on organic produce is to join a CSA – community supported agriculture. Members pay a small fee to get a fresh box of local produce eat week, with lots of different varieties of fruits and vegetables. Manufacturer’s coupons also exist for many popular organic items – look for these online or in the local newspaper.

Final Thought

Eating organic and natural foods is an excellent way to be healthy and environmentally conscious at the same time. Eliminating chemicals from your diet is always a good thing and being more aware of what you’re eating may even help you lose weight. Switching to organic foods is simple and affordable, and finding natural foods in the store is easier than ever – why not take a shot?

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  1. After getting sick from diabetes, my grandma now wants to switch to eating organic foods as advised by her doctor. Like what you explained, the term organic means free of chemical pesticides and followed a strict standard in the production of the food. From now on, instead of buying vegetables at the grocery, I’ll find organic veggies for sale in Louisville.

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